Our Old Town Shop Story

There I was an hour before our engagement photos in Old Town Alexandria, scrambling to find a chalkboard. My fiance and I wanted to write our wedding date and wedding hashtag on the board to be part of our pictures. I had been up and down King Street and was unsuccessful at every turn. I was about to give up when I came across The Old Town Shop on Union Street. It looked like a fun store, so I stopped in to give it one more try. As I was browsing the store, I found what I was looking for! However, I was not 100% sure the item was for sale, so I asked the two employees at the store how much the item was. They also were unsure if it was an item for sale or a sign to write for items they were selling. I told them my dilemma about the engagement photos and their faces lit up. One of the employees got on the phone with her manager to describe my situation and ask about the item. When she got off the phone she had a smile on our face and said, “This is a gift from us!” I was take aback, I couldn’t believe it! The Old Town Shop really saved the day for our photos, which turned out lovely. A couple of weeks later my fiance and I went back to give The Old Town Shop employees one of our photos and to return the chalkboard they gave us. The manager and employees were thrilled to see us again, giving us big hugs, but they told us to keep the chalkboard as a memory to cherish. As my fiance and I plan our wedding, we see the chalkboard in our home and smile at the memory of that day. The Old Town Shop is part of our love story forever now, and we could not be happier about that.

-Ashwin Korde